Precious gems for wedding bands


While Engagement rings are always extravagant, for Weddings people usually opt for simple and plain platinum wedding bands. These days a more rust resistant and sturdy form of palladium wedding rings has come into use. But because people prefer precious metals over semi precious metals for such life events , but since yellow gold wedding bands are essentially ‘yellow’ other metals like palladium are required to give it a white finish, which hence helps create white gold wedding bands ; also similarly copper is used with gold to create rose gold wedding bands, such alloys while giving the satisfaction of precious metal are also more trendy and unique along with being more long lasting and durable thanks to the other metals.

Usually for wedding rings it is seen the typical choice is Platinum, exactly how diamonds are the typical choice for engagement rings. But it is seen that platinum is so much more expensive than gold itself. The reasons for this include the facts that :-

  • Platinum is almost 60% heavier than gold which means that if a gold ring weighs around 5g for gold, then the same amount for a platinum ring would weigh around 8g in platinum.
  • Platinum jewelry has high purity platinum, without addition of other metals unlike for gold jewelry which is mostly of 14k to 18k at highest purity. 
  • The manufacturing process of Platinum is much more complex than gold which adds a lot of labor costs.
  • And the combinations of all the above points together makes Platinum jewelry much more expensive which hence creates a negative impact on the demand ultimately leading to another price increasing factor.

Will palladium demand increase eventually?

According to statistics the number of searches for metals in the last five years, even though the search for platinum wedding rings has been steady, but reducing slightly. Palladium is still at the passing stage, there has been seen a drastic increase in searches for white gold wedding rings which could be correlated to the fact that the prices of gold gotten back to normal from a dramatic all rise.

Some maybe it could be said that palladium was being considered an alternative to gold rather than to platinum , because people who want to go for a cheaper option , opt for gold , but because gold prices were high the next alternative had come to palladium.